Let Us Customize Your Gift!

 When I was young, like most kids I waited anxiously for the Christmas catalogues to come in the mail. Sears, Aldens, JC Penny, Montgomery Wards were all fantasy pages before my eyes. One catalogues that came in my later years was the Miles Kimball catalog, here I dream't about purchasing that special gift for that special some. As I grew older I realized it didn't matter what you spent on the gift, it was that it came from the heart. I incorporated that into all my crafting skills and I past this onto my children. Searching and designing that special gift, for that special person meant a lot to me, and it still does. 

At Montana Grannies we want to help you make that purchase special. Because we make all the products, we can design your gift to suit your special needs. We can add names, photos, graphics, special thoughts, logos, or text to most products within our site. We can help you with your layouts, or you can ship us your layout and we can help you with your purchase. 

You can reach us through our contact page with your special requests. Some products have drop downs where you can include your text, but if that fails to work, please e-mail us at Mudderpwee@montanagrannies.com. No request will seem unimportant to us. I started by business with little children coming to me and asking for a special gift for their mom or family friend. 

Our website is based out of White Sulphur Springs

Again, please don't hesitate to drop us a line with your thoughts or needs, and stop by often and have coffee with us. 

Mudderpwee/Carrie Sibley