Supplies for making homemade soaps

Soap Types

Soap Types
At Montana Grannies we love making soaps. And we know it gets very confusing to the general public the different types of soaps that are out there, and what we make. I am going to try and help you with this a bit. 

Handmade/Homemade Soap

The best soap you can use on your skin is a 100% handmade/homemade bar of soap. Every soap maker has their recipe they have fine tuned to make their soap the best it can be. Oils used within the soap are what makes your skin feel great after washing. The combination of the oils, liquid, and lye make every soap unique, along with the fragrance. The liquid in soaps can range from Water, in our case we use SPA Sulphur water, Goat Milk, Coconut Milk, Beer, Wine and I am sure there a lot of other liquids used, I am only familiar with these. Plus every homemade bar of soap needs lye, no substitutes, it is like making homemade bread without yeast. Most soap makers add no chemicals to their soaps, they want them to be chemical free. Almost all store bought soaps have chemicals in them, including Dove. So do your skin a favor and switch to the use of a handmade soap, your skin may react for a bit, wanting those chemicals you have been putting on them, but you will find that after using a good homemade soap you may not have to use lotions anymore. 

Glycerin Soaps
We do like glycerin soaps and have them listed on our website. Glycerin soaps are better known as Melt & Pour soaps. They are also called glycerin soaps, because unlike homemade soaps that naturally have glycerin, these soaps have glycerin added to them. We use a glycerin base that most closely resembles handmade/homemade soap. In other words, we don't use a craft store glycerin base soap that is mostly chemicals. The base we use is composed of rich oils and butters. We especially like glycerin soaps to fill our baskets and for the decorative aspects. I have yet to master the homemade intricate designed soap. My handmade soap doesn't fair too well in the molds used for glycerin soaps, and we love our homemade soap so well that we finally gave up on molded handmade soap. That being said, this soap base comes in many forms; and we offer white, clear, goat milk, and shea butter. I love having glycerin soaps around to give to little ones and guests, and they look lovely sitting in a soap dish. Also their fragrance makes the room or dresser drawer smell great. Also, some fragrances do not work well with handmade soaps, so we can quickly make your favorite soap in a unique design and in a fragrance to your liking and coloring. While not as moisturizing as a homemade bar of soap, because we use a high end base these soaps are a great product. Below you will find descriptions for our soap bases:

  • Goat Milk: Made with 10% refrigerated liquid Vitamin D Goat's Milk. Goat's milk is known for it's delicate moisturizing properties for dry or problem skin. These moisturizing properties soften and nourish the skin. Our goat's milk base has a soft creamy lather and has a slight color similar to custard. Blended with our white soap base.
  • Shea Butter: 5% naturally crushed shea butter has been added to our white soap base to produce this Shea base. The added shea butter produces a nice creamy lather, which provides moisture as it softens. Shea butter has many vitamins, minerals, and many believe that shea butter has skin healing properties.
  • White Base: A natural soap base that is similar to the clear glycerine base. Contains no detergents, no surfactants, no sulfates, no alcohol, and no sugar solutions. Coconut oil, known as an excellent skin moisturizer, is the main ingredient in this base.
  • Clear Base: A clear and natural soap base that contains no detergents, no surfactants, no sulfates, no alcohol, and no sugar solutions. 20% glycerine added. Coconut oil, known as an excellent skin moisturizer, is the main ingredient in this base. This base, because of it's clarity is fun and can produce brightly colored soaps!